Zack the Zipper on sale

Hi all! First of all I have managed to finish Zack the Zipper and it is now on sale on Amazon. I am so pleased that I was able to achieve this as it was an Erotic-Comedy I have so longed to write. As I have explained before this is the sequel to the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme which I would probably say is my favorite one that I have written.  Now this sequel is so far the longest Erotic-Comedy I have written it has ended up as a Novella…just over 30,000 words.

My next writing project will be to pen-out a fictional story on Professional Wrestling! I’m not too sure what the title will be but, I will be planning the outline to this story. Hopefully it will be a good one! I would like to add that it will be classed as NON-EROTIC. Then when that story is done I am going to write Runaway Boy to French Assassin 2: The Secret Service Years.