Wrestling Behind The Theatre

Hi everyone! Now that I have His Tall-Slave Lover and it’s 2-part sequel Hot Sex in Alaska uploaded to Amazon KDP I am able to focus on my next fiction Wrestling Behind The Theatre. This is a non-erotic fictional novel and it is around the sport of Professional Wrestling. So why have I decided to write all of you might say? Well, believe it or not I did Amateur Freestyle Wrestling for a year and I had seriously considered doing Professional Wrestling as a career even though I am 5’7” tall in height! So OK it never happened but, you can’t do anything about that! 😉

What this particular story is about is where an Former French Olympic Freestyle Wrestler is currently wrestling for a big company and he desires to make a household name for himself and at the same time he has a big crush on a 7ft tall American Female Volleyball Player.

I have already design the front-cover for this story and when it is completed I will have it up for sale on Smashwords. Hopefully, I can get this story written & typed up asap! 😉