Went to Balham again!!!!

Hi everyone! 😀

Just last night I went to Balham, London again with people whom I’m connected with on FetLife. This was not only my second FetLife munch but also my second visit to Balham. Again like the last visit I had a great time…what was even better when I met those only on the Zoom-Munches I met the first time in person. Compared to my last visit it was REALLY packed with people from FetLife. But, the old saying goes “the more the merrier!” Quite a lot of us were discussing amongst ourselves about our favorite fetishes and so on but, that’s what we are all about! 😆

Overall as I said I had a very good time the only regret is that I wished I stayed a little longer but, bear in mind I have to take public-transport to go home. 😮 But, I’ll see if I can do something about that by possibly staying somewhere at a local hotel….I’ll see what happens! 😉