Update on my latest Erotic-Comedies.

Hello everyone! So firstly here is my latest; I had recently completed His Tall-Slave Lover and it’s 2-part sequel Hot Sex in Alaska and they are both up for sale on Amazon. Secondly, I am now structuring out my latest fiction which will be my third non-erotic story which is about Professional Wrestling. I won’t go into detail on that one yet until I have finished planning it out.

I was so pleased to have His Tall-Slave Lover¬†and Hot Sex in Alaska completed and uploaded to Amazon KDP as this was a story I so wanted to write.¬† The two Erotic-Comedies evolves around the relationship of a Dominant Small-Man and a Submissive Tall-Woman. Obviously as I mentioned before I could have had them up for sale last year in 2020 but, as I couldn’t get the two models for the front-covers I had to put them on the back-burner for a while. But, in the end they are both up and I am happy.

This year I am hopefully going to write Runaway Boy to French Assassin 2: The Secret Service Years and again this will be in the non-erotic genre.