My Story so far…..🧐

Hi everyone! How’s everyone doing? Anyway, as some of you know I write mainly Erotic-Comedies and there are some which are in the non-erotic genre. So I just want to give everyone an update at this present time; my present fiction that I am writing is Runaway Boy to French Assassin 2: The Secret Service Years which is my 2nd French-Spy novel. It’s going well so far and it will take some time to complete but, I am enjoying writing it and this one is my 4th non-erotic fiction. When I finish writing this fiction I will be going back to writing Erotic-Comedies and the next one I am planning to write is The Chateau Odyssey of Porn & Perversion and this is the sequel to the Pyramid of Porn & Perversion…I have been so forward to writing this one when the time comes! 😉