My Pro-Wrestling Novel

As I stated I am planning to write a Pro-Wrestling fictional novel which will be in the non-erotic section. What this story is about is a man who aspires to become a recognized Pro-Wrestler in his own right. He has won many titles both in singles & tag-team competitions but, he has never been the World Champion. He will enter a competition with other Pro-Wrestlers to win the World Championship….this will be the biggest opportunity for him to become a recognized wrestler. Can he achieve this?

Firstly, I am unsure what the title of that particular story is going to be but, it WILL be written. Secondly, you’re all probably thinking “Why am I writing this story?”….well this is interesting! Many years ago when I was in this college for 1-year I did Amateur Freestyle Wrestling and I seriously considered becoming a Professional Wrestler even though I am only 5’7” in height. So I thought why don’t I put this into a story. 😮