Other Erotic-Comedies written

Here are the other Erotic-Comedies I have written so with a brief synopsis for each one.  Hopefully, I will get these uploaded soon.

  • Suck-Balls: this story is basically the erotic version of the hit 80’s movie Spaceballs.
  • The Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme: a 7-foot sex-crazed Amazonian kidnaps women for her sexual pleasure and the police are in a race against time to capture this villain.
  • Tall Women in a Dungeon:  a pornographer gets turned down for his ideal porn-site and kidnaps 4 Tall Women to make a porn-movie to prove his worth.
  • Switchy Bitches: two female porn-stars play jokes on each other by taking it in turns to dominate each other in bondage.
  • The Pyramid of Porn & Perversion: a glass Pyramid Building is owned & run by transsexual women who dominate women in bondage.
  • The Mystery Mansion of Sex: porn-stars stay at a mansion where they have sex with ghosts during the night.
  • The College Fraternity of Sextopia: two college students form a fraternity based on everything to do with sex.
  • Shaolin Porn-Star: a former Shaolin Monk leaves his monastery and becomes an up & coming porn-star.
  • Dr. 5D: a sex-crazed Dentist likes to dominate his female patients in all kinds of BDSM.
  • Super-Heroes, Super-Villains and of course sex!: sex-crazed Super Villains go around robbing sex-shops and the Super-Heroes are in a race against time to capture the gang.
  • His Tall-Slave Lover: a Small Man meets a Very Tall Woman who craves to be dominated in the bedroom.
  • Hot Sex in Alaska part 1 – Arousal in Anchorage: this the first of 2 sequels to His Tall-Slave Lover. A married couple stay at a BDSM compound in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Hot Sex in Alaska part 2 – Foreplay in Fairbanks: this the second sequel to His Tall-Slave Lover. The same married couple visit the other BDSM compound in Fairbanks, Alaska.