Runaway Boy to French Assassin series – an explanation

As I have stated I am planning to write the series of this particular story and there are 11 series in total. First question you all might think is “Why am I writing this particular story?” Well, to begin my parents originate from a French-speaking country but, I was born in the UK and YES I do have predominately French heritage. Now when I was a boy I had 2 possible career options that I was considering: I had first considered on becoming a professional sportsman in France & if that didn’t work out I would have desired to join the French Military. As some of you may know to become a Secret Agent it is required that the individual must have experience in serving on the front-line of any Military whether it is Army, Navy or Air-Force. Now my character for this particular novel will have served in both the French Army as a helicopter pilot and then serve as a fighter pilot for the French Air Force prior to joining the French Secret Service. My reasons for including this is due to a dream I had a couple of years ago for when I dreamed that I was flying both a Military Helicopter & Fighter Jet and it was in that same dream.

Now in the first book my character runs away to China and trains as a Shaolin Monk. What gave me the idea for this was that many years ago when I was a child I did a Tibetan Martial Arts for 4 years.

The way I am going to write the novels is based on current events from the day I was born to the present day but, I will change some it as if different events occurred. For example in my story you have the country Korea i.e. no North or South Korea it is all one country. Also in my story the USA will split up into separate countries and the reason why I will include this is that I strongly believe the USA will split up at some point but, the question is when?