Sequels to some Erotic-Comedies

Some of the Erotic-Comedies I have written will have sequels to them which are yet to be written but, will be in the works. So far the Erotic-Comedy His Tall-Slave Lover has a 2-part sequel both are already written and they are titled Hot Sex in Alaska Part 1: Arousal in Anchorage and Hot Sex in Alaska Part 2: Foreplay in Fairbanks.

Now, here are the Erotic-Comedies that will definitely have sequels:

  • The Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme: the sequel for this will be titled Zack the Zipper.
  • The Pyramid of Porn & Perversion: the sequel for this will be titled The Chateau Odyssey of Porn & Perversion. 
  • The College Fraternity of Sextopia: the sequel for this is The Mysteries of Porntopia.

I would like to add that I am seriously considering writing a prequel after Zack the Zipper which will focus on how the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme came into existence.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get these written as soon as possible. 😉