More & more writing

Hi everyone! šŸ™‚ I haven’t blogged here for a long while. My reason for this is because since very late December 2020 I had been writing the first of the French-Spy NovelĀ Runaway Boy to French Assassin 1. I managed to complete this towards the end of April 2021 and loaded the story up on It is listed in theĀ Non-Erotic section of my website; the story itself has around approximately 46,000 words so I am very pleased that I had managed to write that much. It was quite a journey for me and this is the 2nd non-erotic fiction I have written and put up for sale. Just to reiterate there are 11 in total of the series and hopefully I will get the 2nd one written this year as well.

I have only just managed to upload an Erotic-Comedy onto Amazon very recently at this time of writing. It is titledĀ Her Five Erotic Nights in Minneapolis. I actually wrote this last year in 2020 but, I didn’t get the chance to check and edit where necessary plus I had to find suitable designs for the front-cover. But, finally it is up for sale now on Amazon.

At this present time I am writing the sequel to theĀ Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme in which I have been so eager to write; the sequel is titled Zack the Zipper. It is imperative that you’ll need to read the Hunch-Bitch of Notre-Domme before reading Zack the Zipper as the 2 Erotic-Comedies are heavily linked to each other. The characters are ALL the same except that there’ll be two new ones but, I am going to keep you all in suspense and not tell you who they are. šŸ˜‰