LSM Munch May 14th 2022

Hi all my Kinky-Friends! 😀

Yesterday I attended my third in-person (FetLife) munch in Chancery Lane, London. I was at an amazing pub which had an awesome private-room for us fetishists! 😉 Anyway, I met a lot of new people and there were some whom I only met on the Zoom-Munches that I had met for the first time in person…that was extra special. I made a few new friends which was amazing and I shared about my Erotic-Comedy fictional writing. Some people were also interested in my Chateau Ultra-Domme audio-book version! 😮 Oh yes on a more interesting note I had Fish & Chips for lunch and Stick-Toffee Pudding with Ice-Cream for dessert.  It was all so delicious….filled my stomach up! 😍 So overall I had such an amazing time….only wished I could’ve stayed a little longer! 😉