LSM Munch June 11th 2022

Hi all my Kinky & Horny friends! 😍😉 How’s everyone doing??? 😄 Anyway, yesterday I attended the LSM Munch in London and it was quite simply awwwwwwwwwwwwwesome!!! 🤩 To begin at the time it commenced there were quite a number of people there already which was a good sign! Just like the last time I was there I had Fish & Chips and for dessert I had sticky-toffee pudding with ice-cream! As usual it was DELICIOUS!!! 😋 What was really special was that I made new friends with other people in FetLife and some of them have even started to follow me on the site itself. As usual with some of the new peeps I told them about my Erotic-Comedy fiction and they seemed intrigued…maybe they will buy some of them! 😉 Later on in the day there were even more peeps who attended which made it extra special. Overall I had an AMAAAAAAAZING time! 😀 Here is a selfie of me going to the LSM Munch: