LSM Munch July 9th 2022

Hi all my kinky & horny friends! 😀 How’s everyone doing? 😉

Anyway, very recently I attended the FetLife LSM Munch and it was my 3rd visit there. I met the usual people there plus there were some new faces! 🙂 Always awesome to meet new faces! 😉 So where shall I begin? Well, for starters I ordered my lunch; now bearing in mind the last 2 lunches I ate at the LSM was fish & chips + sticky-toffee pudding I decided to do something different! This time I had chicken with chips & PLENTY of sauces (ketchup, aioli & chilli) plus there was gravy for the chicken! I poured the 3 sauces all over my chips my goodness it was so tasty! 😋 As I was eating lunch someone joked to me “Now we are all going to watch you eat your lunch!” 😆 I think I made them hungry! 🤣🤣🤣 For dessert I ate chocolate-brownie with chocolate sauce & ice-cream! What can I say about what I ate…..DEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS!!!!!! 😋😋😋 So glad I made that particular choice! 😀

So basically we talked about porn/erotica/fetishism and had a good laugh over it all! 😆 I even mentioned on some of the recent FetLife ventures that I had been on and people were quite impressed. I mentioned also on some events that I would love to attend that I have never attended….I just want to have fun! 😀 For me the best part was meeting some new faces! 🙂 Overall, I just had a great time and looking forward to the next LSM! 🙂

I wonder what is going to be my next FetLife venture??? 😉