Kent Fetlife Zoom-Munch

Hello my kinky friends! 😀 How is everyone doing? Just last night I attended my 2nd Kent Zoom-Munch from FetLife. As usual I had a great time; there was a lot of humor to say the least but it was still all good fun. Most of the time there were a lot of toilet jokes but I won’t go into detail 😆. We talked about other FetLife events that people have recently attended and I mentioned that I went to the LSM Munch on June 11th & the ISMS talk on June 19th and stated that I enjoyed both of them. The original organizer had to leave but it was taken over by someone else for the reminder and he did a good job with it. But, overall it was a great Zoom-Munch….here’s to more kinky-fun!!! 😉

I will definitely be attending the LSM Munch on July 9th; thankfully there are no more planned rail-strikes but, from where I live it is easy to get there even by public transport. Stay KINKY & HORNY everyone! 😍