ISMS June 19th 2022

Hi all my Kinky & Horny friends! 😉 How are we all doing?

This afternoon I went to another FetLife event called ISMS. What happened there was that a gentleman gave a talk about his journey in the world of Fetishism/Erotica/Porn etc., etc. It was actually a really good & enjoyable event and the individual who organized the talk did an excellent job with this. There were a lot of interesting parts of the talk; what was really good for me was: (1) the talk had reminded me of why I Erotic-Comedy fiction which fueled my passion even more & (2) I talked to a lot of people who were there and made new friends. If you are a member of FetLife I have given a bit more of an account of this. Below is a picture of me going home on the train afterwards feeling elated! 😀