His Tall-Slave Lover Novel + 2-part sequel

Hi everyone! My next writing project will be to get His Tall-Slave Lover and it’s 2-part sequel Hot Sex in Alaska uploaded onto Amazon KDP and yes they are both Erotic-Comedies. I wrote & typed this last year in 2020 but, I was unable to upload these as I couldn’t find suitable pictures for the front-covers. Someone I know did tell me that she knows people who can pose for photo’s for these; however, after a long while she never got back to me. But, by hell & high-water I will get these uploaded to Amazon KDP this year in 2021.

The way I am going to self-publish these is that His Tall-Slave Lover will be just one separate e-book but, Hot Sex in Alaska there are two separate stories but, they will be in the same e-book i.e. you’ll get 2-stories-in-1. Part 1 will be titled Arousal in Anchorage and Part 2 will be titled Foreplay in Fairbanks.

Watch this space as I will be working on these 2 Erotic-Comedies. 😉