And now for something completely different…….JAMES BOND!!!!

Hi all! 😀 I was meant to write this but, I completely forgot….brain freeze!!!!! 😆 Anyway, on we go! I am a MASSIVE James Bond fan and I have ALL of the James Bond movies including the unofficial one Never Say, Never Again. On October 9th 2021 I went to see the latest James Bond installment which was No Time To Die. It was also to be Daniel Craig’s fifth & final outing as James Bond….for me that was the sad part because Daniel Craig is my favorite James Bond actor plus I strongly believe he is the greatest Bond actor of all time.

So what can I say about the movie…..POWERFUL in more ways than one! For me it was a very good movie and it was a great thing that Daniel Craig did come back to the role for a fifth time. Reason why I want to particularly mention this is since Sir Roger Moore left the role after A View to a Kill (which was his 7th outing as Bond was also a record…he did the most than any other) Timothy Dalton & Pierce Brosnan didn’t do that many Bond movies and both of them were great Bond actors as well. One wonders after Sir Roger Moore left whether anyone will equal & surpass his 7 Bond movies….and I thought Craig may at the least would’ve done 7 or maybe more but, it was never to be. All I can say that it was awesome to see Craig as Bond and I like most Bond fans will miss him greatly in that role…thank you Daniel Craig.

As some of you know I am writing the French Spy Novel series Runaway Boy to French Assassin the first one is already up for sale since May plus I will hopefully write the 2nd this year…at the moment I am still writing my current fiction. When I commenced to writing this I have to thank Daniel Craig’s role as James Bond as being the influence for me to do this….that’s how a great Bond actor he was. 🙂