2023 is now upon us!

Well everyone 2023 is finally here….HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023! 🥳 Let’s make this year more & more kinky! 😆 Anyway where shall I start? Well to begin Xmas was good & quiet and I enjoyed attending midnight mass at my local Catholic Church. Xmas day was relatively quiet but, as I stated it was very enjoyable!

So let me give you all an update: at this present time I am still working on writing Runaway Boy to French Assassin 2: The Secret Service Years; I actually finished writing it but, I just need to type it all up…I am more than halfway too! Unfortunately I had been held back a few times which is delaying it all, one of them being that my old laptop kept on freezing up so many times that I had to purchase a new one plus I have to transfer files from my old one to the new one. But, once that is all done my next fictional writing-project will be an Erotic-Comedy.

When I get the chance I will give more updates. 😉